About Me

My Story

I am Ranjit a message therapist who started my career from the Gods own country “Kerala” in the year 2009 after finishing my professional training from a reputed institute in Ernakulum. I was a disciple under the guidance of my Guru Mr. Balkrishnan who is a legend in the sphere of Ayurveda Massage.

I learnt all the tricks of the trade by working as a massage therapist for 1 year in a reputed Kerala Ayurveda center. I moved to Bangalore in the year 2011 and stayed there for 3 years and worked for a reputed Ayurveda Panchakarma center and served more than 5000 people with my Ayurveda massage treatment. In the year 2014 I returned to Bhubaneswar and started my own center here Nearby Fire station square to serve people to live a healthy and well nourished life.

Mission and vision

I believe it’s one of the most Nobel service to help people overcome their health and wellness issues with holistic based treatments. With this in my mind I have always tried to improve my massage skills so as to serve my clients with my treatment that can not only heal their physical health but also improve their mental state of health.

My mission is to provide a healing touch of new age therapy which is not contaminated by use of chemicals and use of electric machines but by the use of my hands and fingers with the nerves and muscles of people to bring a genuine improvement to their lives.

I have a vision to share all my experience with the future generation of students who wants to learn this unique healing touch based therapy and help other people to improve their health and wellness.

My Skills

Ayurvedic therapeutic massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
Gymming Massage
Soft Relaxing Massage
Stretching Massage
Belly Massage
Aromatic Massage

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